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Chinese CounterStrike gamer stabbed in the head for cheating
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Abhinav Lal
Posted on: Mar 23, 2010 18:01:42 IST



Playing CounterStrike was never very friendly, what with the cutthroat competition from across the world for the #1 multiplayer FPS ever. But things in a small town in the Jilin province of China seem to have gone too far, like many things in that country.


Imagine a cyber cafe in a small Chinese town, filled with young gamers and people simply checking their e-mail, where a game of CounterStrike is being played. Some youths, possibly from the same clan, noticed another young dude (17-year old) cheating, using a “wallhack” to see through walls. Ironically, this ability to “see through walls” in the game led to the opposite coming true in the real world, where the young cheater did not realise he was being watched while he was doing his dirty work.

I feel kinda sharp today!


A fight ensued, moved outside the cafe, and resulted in the young cheater being stabbed right through the head (yes, the head!) with a 30cm knife that entered from his left temple to jam into the other side of the skull (trying to close the Valve!). It seems that the remained conscious, and was transferred to the hospital by ambulance where doctors began to operate immediately. They succeeded in removing the knife, which had somehow miraculously missed all major arteries, without causing a haemorrhage or damage to the motor control areas through which the knife passed. To further steam up the issue, after the 10 hour operation, doctors noted that the knife used was rusty, and have therefore kept the undeserving victim of CounterStrike honour for observation in case pieces of rust that may have remained cause any problems.


The cafe will obviously suffer negative publicity, apart from facing some serious arm-twisting from the government, as one of the reasons for its popularity was that it did not enforce the “draconian restrictions” placed on cyber cafes in China. Phew! This gives 'letting off some steam' a new meaning!


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